We combine our expertise in education, video, presentation and security technologies.We offer value-added solutions and create effective strategies for our customers with the most accurate and feasible solutions.

Gobito is an extremely dedicated group of IT experts with a great deal of expertise in serving our industry.

We offer a wide range of 'off the shelf' and bespoke developments , Research & Development projects, Software Solutions and Web Applications product, e-learning platforms , e-learning content authoring platforms , video streaming portals ,  e-learning content ,  security , network monitoring and management services , digital archiving platforms  and more.

It is our unique approach to each individual contract that sets us apart from competitors. We have a talented assessment team that will analyse your business needs and locate the areas on which we can improve upon. We will then implement a strategy to make the transition as effortless and unproblematic as possible. Our expertise and in-depth knowledge in our industry manifests itself in every facet of any of our products and services.

Gobito Enterprise Solutions' most important philosophy is to smoothly overcome problems and swiftly achieve goals to help our client make the transition from frustrating to efficient with as much ease as is possible. Our talented analysts and IT experts of the Gobito family provide characteristic solutions for your characteristic needs.

What makes our Services unique?

Our highly qualified human capital, leading engineers with previous experience from HP , ING Bank ,  TELCO And Finance Sector  and Located in technology zones inside university campus and technology centers, immediate reach to highly skilled engineers Near-shoring experience, onsite dispatch abilities with multi-location offices and multilingual staff. Project based workforce allocation and risk aware project management.

Agile Software Development (ASD) is a methodology which we employ within all of our projects at Gobito .  ASD creates a flexible approach, applying a level of pragmatism into the delivery of a completed project.

We compile a project plan of our clients’ software development requirements, which are then prioritised and divided into a two week sprint.  During this time period, our specialist development teams have daily meetings to ensure that all projects are on track, ready to be completed and reviewed by the end of the sprint.

Gobito provides turn-key solutions with its rich experience in below listed areas.

  • Enterprise Integration Services
  • Cloud Based Development And Management Services
  • PKI framework , PKI based secure application stack(P4SS).
  • Learning Management System , Distance Learning and content standards(Scorm,XAPI)
  • Learning Content Authoring Tools
  • Meeting And Virtual Classroom
  • HR And Recruitment Solutions
  • Video Streaming Platforms
  • Video Editing And Interactive Video Platforms
  • Online Exams And surveys
  • Network monitoring and management platform(Rimm).
  • Digital Archiving Solutions(e-government, E-book , E-Envoice , REM archiving)
  • Project startup, technology selection, Source Control Management, On-site training
  • Mobile Services (IPhone, BlackBerry, Android, location aware service and application development, mobile streaming applications with RTP/RTSP, MPEG4/H264)
  • Native And Hybrid Mobile Development(Cordova,PhoneGap,Ionic)
  • HTML5 AngularJS Development
  • Trainings: Mifare/JCOP based cards , SQL Server , Oracle, JBOSS, Java, J2EE, C, C++, .NET, Compact Device Application Development. FreeBSD, Redhat Enterprise 
    • Consultancy in Public Transport (Automated Fare Collection)
    • JAVA Business Data Exchange, Electronic Data Interchange
    • Cryptography Modules SHA/3DES etc.
    • OSGI-RCP Development 
  • Web 2.0 Services
  • Restful services development with AJAX capabilities
  • Cloud Development And Integration
  • IBM Bluemix Development And Support
  • Data Center Design
  • BackUp Storage

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