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We develop unique solutions for the educational management processes of many field organizations from in-house orientation to professional development, corporate education to performance management and information sharing. At the same time, we focus on corporate needs with unparalleled accessibility, security, ease of use, cost advantage and measurability, while enhancing the enjoyment experience for individuals.


KnowledgeBaze LMS (Learning Management System); provides easily manage employees, business partners and customers to learning, information sharing, performance and communication processes. The user-friendly KnowledgeBaze platform easily integrates with other systems that you use with your modern infrastructure and modular features. KnowledgeBaze offers easy-to-use panes and flexible architecture that can work on all devices, allowing you to control your training system from anywhere.

Knowledgebaze Education Management System offers;

  • Face to Face Learning Management
  • Online Learning Management
  • Mobile Learning
  • Performance Management
  • Learning Journey
  • Training Pools
  • Social Learning
  • Interactive Video Platform
  • Content Generation Tools
  • New Generation Training Management Platform with Modular, Flexible and Customizable, expanding with technologies such as Cloud Services.

Your one-stop Business Partner, deliver a unique learning experience to your dealers, customers and employees .


Knowledgebaze LMS Modules

You can create online conference classes, connect to your users remotely with camera and voice features. KB – Conference is a unique module with file sharing feature.



KB - Portal module is a special “member login platform” designed for administrators, users and trainers. With this module, KnowledgeBaze not only reflects the characteristics of your institution and its corporate culture, but also provides a personalized learning platform for the individual. It allows both your institution's administrators, your instructors and your users to access the system easily.


Easily add your video lessons to KB - Tube integrated into KnowledgeBaze. With the KB - Tube's improved streaming technology, all your videos in the module work perfectly with all related devices.


Users can experience continious development! With the KB-Mobile module, you can easily get your courses and interactive videos from any smartphone or tablet with an internet connection without space limitation, and manage your training system easily.


Meet the best measurement and evaluation performance by blending various questions and exam types. With the KB - Exam module, you choose the types of your exams and evaluate your users according to your criterias.


Easily set your learning content according to your organization's needs and easily prepare your training materials with the practical Drag & Drop feature of the Coursepective.


Would you like to edit your video courses? With the KB - Interactive module, you can create interactive courses that users  will like so much to be a part of them. You can enrich your video content with questions and directions, or create brand new fiction. It's easy to create playable content with interactive videos and create your training from scratch.



Motivate your employees to learn using game based instruction design and play items in learning environments with Knowledgebaze Gamification Modules.


Akademi.Net provides realistic courses for and adapted to business life. Meanwhile, it becomes a platform where people can connect with companies with a career path appropriate for their abilities.

Akademi.Net, where the training of valuable experts is taking place, is a platform that offers personal and professional development with independency of time and place.

From personal and professional development to information technology, we offer a wide range of courses for you.

Who Preferres


  • Gets trainings offered in a wide range of global standards and according to their learning style and interests.
  • Ability and competencies develops while continiuing courses in areas of interest.
  • Establishes a network by communicating with other users.
  • Can get courses from the member companies and trainers and can communicate with them.
  • Can create a strong career and development plan.


  • Digitize training contents with the most innovative and effective technologies.
  • Can sell their e-courses through the platform.
  • Can increase their awareness, it can reach a wider audience.
  • Can transforms training contents into a new interactive, effective and fun new model.
  • With the platform that also provides the training of the trainer, it can train and improve its expertise according to its interests.
  • Communicate with users and receive feedback on their training.


  • Digitize training contents with the most innovative and effective technologies.
  • Can sell their e-courses through the platform.
  • Can increase their awareness, it can reach a wider audience.
  • Appropriate and competent employees can be earned by developing the trainees they choose before hiring them.
  • The platform can be used as a training, communication and advertising area.
  • Can pos job announcements and choose candidates from the candidate pool that meet the criterias.
  • Corporate training can be managed and given through the platform
  • All training reports can be managed through the platform.


Gobito Scorm Player is a module to easily and swiftly integrate full SCORM functionality into new or existing your learning management system. Gobito Scorm player is developed as SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 (2nd, 3rd, 4th editions) compatible. Gobito Scorm Player also allows analysis of learner tracking results based on desired criteria with a detailed assessment.

Gobito Scorm Player  Solutions allow for a dynamic and interactive interface of learning content.  Videos, audio, images and testing content can be combined into modules for students. Interactions can be tracked.

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