Secure your business processes with Gobito Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Solutions


P4SS PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) platform is an OSGI based modular enterprise security solution, which pro- vides PKI infrastructure to organizations with benefit of plug-in architecture.

Use Cases

  • Strong authentication for internet/intranet and network resources.
  • Issue certificate may purposes such as passports, driving licences.
  • Use in Network application for secure transactions SSL and TLS Communications
  • SmartCard logon to Windows/*Nix Systems Single-Sign-On with SmartCard or PKCS#12 Create Signed Documents
  • Encrypt Documents with PKI
  • Secure File Exchange Secure Chat
  • Secure Backups


SecureComms platform is an extension to Gobito’s P4SS Enterprise PKI Platform. SecureComms provides remote User/X.509 Certificate Query, Advanced User, Grouping and Management platform.

SecureComms is an Client(API) and Server based development platform built upon OSGI technology to provide flexible plug-in based architecture to develop and deploy secure application with low cost.SecureComms is supported by Gobito on all Platforms which supports Java Runtime Environment.

Visit is an e-archive  platform with indexing ,searching  and viewing e-goverment document types(REM-Registered Email ,e-book ,e-envelope , e-invoice) capabilities