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The Platform enables you to create a brand new video experience by enterprise video streaming , video hosting, interactive videos with drag & drop tools, video personalization, online video editing, storytelling, Video Portal, Corporate TV, advanced metrics and more..

  • Upload, Ingestion & Encoding
  • Live Streaming
  • Video Campaigns & Courses
  • Monetization
  • Analytics
  • Video Interaction & StoryBoarding
  • Hybrid CDN 
  • Enterprise Video Tube

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It is no longer necessary to use complex softwares and technical knowledge in the production of intelligent and interactive videos,.

You can easily produce your interactive videos in such a way that will make targeted group; to be a part of the video, select their choises, find themselves in the scene.

With the iVideo you can produce Interactive Videos with an easy to use Drag&Drop Tool ;

  • Add multi-track HTML5 content to your videos,
  • Draw with HTML5 Canvas and WebGL support,
  • Report user experience by using questions in various question types,
  • Dynamically change your scenarios with user interactions,
  • Add dynamic subtitles (SRT) to your videos,
  • Place virtual ads on the video,
  • Add Login Screens, Presentation Screens, Registration Forms, Indexes and Instructions,
  • Place Video-Text ads on the video,
  • Add pictures on videos,
  • Quickly implement Vimeo / Youtube / Kaltura and Google DFP integrations,
  • Customize the Video Player, use your own color and logo,
  • With the Analytics Module, get detailed reports, hit-maps of your video's viewing rate, duration and time.
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With The Awesome  Live & On Demand Video Streaming capabilities of Streamx io , you can own your videos with the full control.

Streamx uses AKAMAI  CDN (content delivery network). This allows your videos to be streamed fast to a global audience, irrespective of your viewer’s geographic location.

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Enterprise Tube Provides organizations an easy to use, yet powerful, secure branded enterprise video streaming platform & portal; empowers each department to independently store, encode, manage, share, stream video and digital media content to both internal and external audience; playback on all devices including Windows, MAC, iOS, Android; analyze content performance and viewing analytics of each individual viewer.

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Measure Beyond the View Count
Streamx's video analytics show you the story behind each view. Discover who’s been watching your videos, how much of each video they’ve watched, and which videos are providing the most value to your business.

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Optimise your bandwidth usage with intelligent hybrid CDN architecture.

Streamx's Hybrid(Local Caching) CDN uses intranet bandwidths wisely.With our local caching CDN servers installed unattended to your branch servers , convert your intranet in to powerfull distributed CDN architecture.

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