Gobito PKI(Açık Anahtar Altyapısı) Çözümleri ile iş süreçlerinizi güvence altına alın


P4SS PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) platform is an OSGI based modular enterprise security solution, which provides PKI infrastructure to organizations with benefit of plug-in architecture.

Use Cases

  • Strong authentication for internet/intranet and network resources.
  • Issue certificate may purposes such as passports, driving licences.
  • Use in Network application for secure transactions SSL and TLS Communications
  • SmartCard logon to Windows/*Nix Systems Single-Sign-On with SmartCard or PKCS#12 Create Signed Documents
  • Encrypt Documents with PKI
  • Secure File Exchange Secure Chat
  • Secure Backups

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SecureComms platform is an extension to Gobito’s P4SS Enterprise PKI Platform. SecureComms provides remote User/X.509 Certificate Query, Advanced User, Grouping and Management platform.

SecureComms is an Client(API) and Server based development platform built upon OSGI technology to provide flexible plug-in based architecture to develop and deploy secure application with low cost.SecureComms is supported by Gobito on all Platforms which supports Java Runtime Environment.

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filex.io is an e-archive  platform with indexing ,searching  and viewing e-goverment document types(REM-Registered Email ,e-book ,e-envelope , e-invoice) capabilities


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