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What's New in Cinema8
What's New in Wowslides
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Take action for equality to build a gender-balanced world.
What's New in Cinema8
Audio Video Input Question
We recently introduced a new feature that allows your user to answer your question via video or audio record. Your audience can now answer input and output questions via remote video or audio recording using laptops webcams or mobile devices.
Thus, you can perform asynchronous conversations with a link. This way you can save time and increase productivity.
Player Customization
Choose a color, now Cinema8 player bar has a variety of colors. Easily change the colors of the player bar make into attractive to show your style.
What's New in Wowslides
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Turn Your Presentation Into A Video
So, what are the benefits of converting PowerPoint presentation to video?
  • Show your presentation by sharing your video on YouTube, Vimeo, and other video platforms.
  • There is no need to have a PowerPoint computer to show your presentation.
  • Share your presentation in a video format to gain revenue from various video platforms.
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AWS Çözümpark Workshop
Amazon Core Service Overview
How many “Regions / Availability Zone” does AWS have?
The Best Jobs for the Future
Entry Since our first education, we are working to get a good career. Our career choice is the most important decision of our lives.
The Most Downloaded Wow-Template of Last Month
Tab Interactions - 4
Use Wowslides Tab Interactions Templates to give you a lot of information on a single slide.
What's New in
Easily reach your LMS with SMS notification.
Inform your users through SMS notification about their account activation, reset the password, and one time passwords. This feature enables you to solve problems such as account lockout that occurs during login as well as e-mail. Nevertheless, a one-time password used for system security can be sent via SMS.
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Meeting Management
This training is designed for all managers and employees who want their meetings to be efficient.
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