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Cinema8 Hackathon at the Ulusal BÖTE Öğrenci Kurultayı
We are attending "13th Ulusal BÖTE Kurultayı" which will be held at Dokuz Eylül University on 26-28 April.We are organizing Cinema8 interactive video Hackathon event with the participation of CEIT.
We are the mobile application sponsor of &NOW event.
We are at the &NOW Business&Tech Week organized by MCT in Uniq, Volkswagen Arena, İstanbul on 2-3 May 2019 and as well.
&NOW is a new business experience, that builds on twenty-five years of experience so that all business professionals can quickly adapt to this inevitable transformation, be able to take their place in the world, and take a closer look to the future.
Click on the link to register.
What's New in Cinema8
We recently introduced a new feature that lets you add a countdown to your interactive video. Push the limits of your creativity by adding a countdown to your interactive video.
What's New in Wowslides
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Don't You Know How to Edit and Use Slide Layouts?
If you want to design the layout for your own template or change an existing one, you will need to edit Slide Layouts, which by the way is as easy as it sounds. Just follow the steps, add your own flair and you should have a striking template at hand.
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What's New in
Catalog Training Request Form
In addition to the training request feature, when users request an education, they will enter the information they need in "Catalog Training Request Form". Thus the knowledge of why the training is requested will be seen by the manager and approved.
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This training is designed for business world want to use effective and accurate language
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