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Cinema8 lecture of Interactive Film Production
Digital sponsoring of IV Corporate Training and Development Conference
Cinema8 lecture of Interactive Film Production
Bahçeşehir University and Cinema8 collaborated to contribute to the education of students in line with the expectations of the sectors. In this context, Cinema8 Interactive Film Production will be given a lecture to Film and Television students in 2019-2020 Fall Semester within the scope of Co-op course.
Cinema8 is the digital sponsor of BMI event
You can check more information in the link.
Cinema8 has the pleasure to be the digital sponsor of the "IV. Corporate Training and Development Conference", that will be offered by BMI in the 26th September in Istanbul. In the conference, leaders who manage the training and development teams and processes will share their innovative work, projects implemented and the integration between digital and classroom trainings.
What's New in Cinema8
New Features
Check the new features that arrived at Cinema8 this month.
Jump in this project/to another project
Previously, we used a separate tool to jump to any time in the video and separate tool to jump to another video. We have now combined these two features in one tool.
Show/ hide layer elements
Now with the new layer hiding feature, it’s possible to turn off the visibility of the layer you don't want to work at the moment and make it not visible on the editor screen.
What's New in Wowslides
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