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What's New in Cinema8
What's New in Wowslides
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Cinema8 at Bahçeşehir University
Cinema8 in the BAU's Curriculum
Cinema8 interactive video platform was included in Bahçeşehir University Cinema and Television undergraduate curriculum.
What's New in Cinema8
We would like to introduce a feature pass through to the specific time of a video from the interactive or traditional video which work on it.
Watch the How to Video
With the sharing options in Cinema8 Studio, share the interactive videos with the viewers as you want.
Unlisted shares with users users of a previously authorized security group
Public and URL or iframe embed code become public
The Private option shares the URL or iframe embed code of the interactive video at the specified domain.
The Private option shares the URL or iframe embed code of the interactive video with the password at the specified domain.
What's New in Wowslides
How to Add and Format Audio Files in PowerPoint Presentations
Rewind a few years and adding audio content meant mixing the track on a third-party software, trimming it another, compressing and converting it another and so and so forth. Today, however, adding audio files, narrations, voice-overs, background scores, etc. is almost as convenient as adding bullet points.
1. Adding Audio Files
Select the slide you want to add audio too. Click on the Insert tab.
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Digital Marketing Trends for 2019
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15 of the Best New Movies to Get Excited About in 2019
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Universal Children's Day 20 November
Happy Children's Day
The Most Downloaded Wow-Template of Last Month
Interactive Infographic
Use Wowslides Interactive Infographic template to transform your content into an interactive experience. You can download it for free!
What's New in
Multi-Level Hierarchical Approval
The Multi Level Hierarchical Approval system configures approval processes for training requests.
Hierarchically, who will approve and how many people will approve the fiction is managed by.
Demand for Out-of-Plan Training
In addition to the learning paths you have prepared, you can create an out-of-planning training request form for your users. In this way, you can easily determine the training needs of your employees and create your new training plan.
Attend Demand Form
Create the training list for your users and ask them for training in the list. Plan your training in accordance with their demand.
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