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What's New in Cinema8
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Anadolu Sigorta
FNNS - Defense Systems
Albaraka Türk Participation Bank
What's New in Cinema8
From now on, you can upload more than one image, gif, audio and video files at once into the Cinema8’s library with multiple upload feature. Add files from your computer with drag&drop or click the upload icon and select files.
You can set a jump point in the video to let your audience go to the specified point. In addition you can jump to any place in video with clickable area such as buttons, images, questions etc.
To create a jump point, enter both the start and end time and jump condition that automatically send the audience to the relevant part of the video. Click on the link to experience.
Set up your live stream and broadcast to your huge audience/worker and experience the best way to interact with viewers in real time and reach your audience everywhere. Cinema8 automatically saves your broadcast. With Cinema8 Creative Studio, you can convert a broadcast into an interactive video project.
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What's New in Wowslides
5 Golden Rules for an Effective Presentation Design
Be it to drive a speech, take your audience on a visual journey or align their attention to a particular subject, PowerPoint Presentations are arguably the most impactful tools around. Nonetheless, 90% of times presentations turn out to be dull, messy or distracting. Luckily you don’t have to be a pro, here are the 5 golden rules for an effective presentation design.
1. Keep it clean and concise
If you want your audience to retain anything from your presentation, bombarding your slides with information is NEVER a good idea. Include key points and keep enough white spaces and you should be able to attract their attention to the main ideas.
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Computer networks can be characterized by their sizes as well as their purposes.
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Turkey Cities- Digital Storytelling Template- 3
Use Wowslides Turkey Cities- Digital Storytelling Template- 3 and create your own journey.
What's New in Akademi.net
The Competency Module helps you to easily describe a required skill, attribute or behavior for a specific job used to define and measure an individual’s effectiveness. While aiming to provide a fair and consistent approach to employee engagement and development, you will be able to grade each employee according to their competency based upon the answers to competency based questions. And you will be able to create training programs for the needs of employees.
The Budget Module provides budget planning in classroom training. Thus person and education based costs can be calculated.
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