Create Digital Learning Experiences

Akademinet Video Play Button LMS is next-gen a customizable learning management system that designed for enterprise use to meet your educational development and learning needs that deliver digital learning experiences.

Learn more MOOC Mooc helps learners to catch their educational development and learning needs to reach their goals and pursue via thousands of courses- classes. Instructors publish their courses in the MOOC platform as well.

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Easy to use

Simple and easy to use for learners as well as for the instructors.


Access your portal anytime from anywhere and focus on your training while our qualified team does the rest.


Design unique and outstanding LMS by setting the logo and colors according to your corporate needs.

Single Sign On

The single sign-on allows your users to easily, and automatically sign up into the Learning Management System.

Mobile App

Scale the experience and count on Mobile for perfect performance.

Social Learning

Helps users share their knowledge, experiences, expertness for better engagement via wiki and tube.

Learning Channels

Face to Face

Schedule classroom training and provide easy access to participants' programs.


Develop e-learning courses, with presentations- videos or a wide range of online material easily upload to the LMS.


Blended approach studies how to join the best feature of face to face and e-learning.

E-learning Modules




Interactive Video





Live/Recorded Virtual Class




Everything What You Need

Track Modules


Exam engine is tracking features provide you to attain the best performance result for assessment and evaluation.


Create custom surveys for attendees and gather useful data on users engagement and course efficiency.


Homework can be defines as training or by adding homework to each training.


Easily describe a required skill, attribute or behavior for a specific job used to define and measure an individual’s effectiveness.


Robust Reports and Analysis Learning Experience Platform delivers great performance and serves a rich selection of reports and analyses. Thus you can track which pieces of content are most attract considerable attention, including who accessed them, when, and how they scored.

Delivery Modules

Learning Path

Assign a learning path to the domain and attendees to be taken in a specific order according to their characteristics and training requirements.

Learning Pool

Create elective courses for your attendees by enabling them to find new skills and personal interests.

Social Learning Modules


Let users share the knowledge they have and engage each other.

Social Groups

Create collaborative teams to achieve greater success.


Let the users tell better stories with photo, video.

Let us help you succeed